Studio B is a community driven yoga studio in the beautiful Colorado mountains, with daily classes and workshops to nurture your heart, mind, and body.

We are located in downtown Evergreen, Colorado, bringing together some of the most experienced and cherished teachers in the area.

Inside of our beautiful natural light-filled studio, you will find a warmly supportive environment, perfect for beginning and growing your yoga practice. We are deeply rooted in an understanding of yogic traditions, and love to share the practices with integrity, kindness and respect for all of our students.

Mountain living is an integral part of our studio’s vibe and community here. We’re surrounded by the wonders of the natural world at all times, from living among the animal kingdom to answering to the weather gods — and we love it! Connecting with nature draws us inward, bringing meaning and beauty to life. Because of this, we love to take our yoga practice outside whenever the weather allows.

Our schedule offers a balanced mix of Hatha yoga styles, movement and meditation classes  to encourage and challenge the beginner as well as the most seasoned practitioner. See our schedule here.