Upcoming Workshops + Events


Saturdays, 2-4pm
November 24-December 8

$65 per workshop

$225 for Series of 4
Series Early Bird $200 by 11/15

Manifestation Yoga Workshop Series
with Stephanie Johnson

workshop series! Each workshop builds on the previous empowering you to identify current stressors blocking your view, become clear about what matters most to you, release old emotional trauma coloring your view of whats possible, and reawaken your creative centers to begin manifesting your best life.

 Part 1: Shoulder Openers
We hold new stress and tension in our neck and shoulders. This consists of our day to day encounters, fears and percieved responsibilities. Like the trees that block our view of the forest. With our energy so scattered in areas that we are not even always aware of, we are left feeling drained and depleted. 

Part 2: Heart Openers
In yogic philosophy, our hearts and heart centers are the place where all true decisions are made, and the mind is  the engineer that figures out how to follow the hearts desires. However we have switched to such a mind centered culture that we are often unable to hear our hearts desires, drowning them out with the minds idea of how it is and how it should be. 

Part 3: Hip Openers
Our hips house old emotional trauma. These disguise themselves as underlying decisions we have made about ourselves, such as I am not good enough, who would believe me, or I am not capable. 

Part 4: Relaxation
Deep relaxation is who we really are.  When we come into this world, our minds our not yet tainted with doubts or fears. We live life as if it is an exploration of endless possibilities. Over time we experience situations that cause us to become jaded and fearful. 


Tuesdays, 6:30pm

Investment: $12 drop in

Yoga off the Mat: a spiritual and philosophy discussion group

Ever wonder yow you can bring back that vacation bliss with you into your daily life? Or wonder what the secret to happiness is even amongst chaos? What if you could cultivate the feeling of bliss and realization right her, right now ?  The yoga sutras are a guide, a map to that place deep inside of us teaching us how to achieve this state of Be-ing in our every day life.  Using Mantra and breath, we will learn how to, and practice, connecting to our Divine Self. Group discussion and philosophy talks with follow our practice so that in a supportive group we can not only connect to our  higher Selves, but to each other as we work to grow spiritually, taking our practice  off the mat and into our every day lives, where it really matters. This is a non-movement class.

Facilitated by Niki Sims. Niki is trained in the Shambhava Yoga tradition and has studied various healing arts since she was a young child.

No experience necessary, only a deep wish to grow. If you have one, bring a preferred method of sitting. Chairs/bolsters will be provided upon request. Please feel free to bring a light snack and/or drink.


Thursday, November 8, 6-9 p.m.
$25, or $100 for 5-Moon Circle Pass

Women's New Moon Circle
Treat yourself to a relaxing and mindful evening in a supportive circle of women as we celebrate and set intention for the next moon cycle.

Cycles of life, death and rebirth are the constant in our life here on earth, both personally and collectively. Every time we make a change, the old way of being dies. As the new moon rises in the sign of Scorpio, we will get intimate with what is dying and what is being born, in ourselves and in the world.

This circle is hosted by Jennifer Reeve, a Studio B teacher and circle facilitator for the Wild Woman Project. New moon circles include guided meditation, rich conversation, and beautiful ritual, culminating in a personal intention for the moon cycle ahead. Cost is $25, and 5-passes are available making your per-circle price only $20! Space is limited, please pre-register.