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WildYoga Excursions

Come along to explore the practice of WildYoga. By mindful emersion into natural spaces, awareness of the five elements, and traditional yoga practices, WildYoga helps us build deeper relationships with soul, spirit and place. We will meet at Studio B and carpool to the trailhead. Wear supportive shoes, bring water and a snack. No yoga or hiking experience is required.

Saturdays July 20th & August 31st, 10am-2pm

$40 or 2 punches on your class card

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Sundays, July 21 & August 25, 2:00-4:00pm
Cost: $30 early bird $35 at the door

Yoga and the Five Elements

Come along to explore the practice of WildYoga. By mindful emersion into natural spaces, awareness of the five elements, and traditional yoga practices, WildYoga helps us build deeper relationships with soul, spirit and place. According to Yoga philosophy the five elements are the basis for all physical existance. Join us for an exploratory practice where we will witness the five elements as they combine to make up our bodies, our yoga practice and the world around us. Weather permitting we will be going outside for this practice. So dress in layers and bring plenty of water.

$30 pre register online or $35 at the door.


Tuesdays, 6:30pm

Cost $13

Yoga off the Mat: a spiritual and philosophy discussion group

Ever wonder yow you can bring back that vacation bliss with you into your daily life? Or wonder what the secret to happiness is even amongst chaos? What if you could cultivate the feeling of bliss and realization right her, right now ?  The yoga sutras are a guide, a map to that place deep inside of us teaching us how to achieve this state of Be-ing in our every day life.  Using Mantra and breath, we will learn how to, and practice, connecting to our Divine Self. Group discussion and philosophy talks with follow our practice so that in a supportive group we can not only connect to our  higher Selves, but to each other as we work to grow spiritually, taking our practice  off the mat and into our every day lives, where it really matters. This is a non-movement class.

Facilitated by Niki Sims. Niki is trained in the Shambhava Yoga tradition and has studied various healing arts since she was a young child.

No experience necessary, only a deep wish to grow. If you have one, bring a preferred method of sitting. Chairs/bolsters will be provided upon request. Please feel free to bring a light snack and/or drink.

New moon

Celebrate the New Moon

Thursday, August 1, 6:30-8:30pm
Cost: $25, please pre-register

The new moon provides the opportunity to renew, create and make a fresh start. The night is at its darkest at new moon time, resembling a blank canvas with unlimited potential. Use the energy of the new moon and the support of community to set new intention. You will enjoy guided meditation, conversation, personal journaling and ritual.

Gathering with other heart-centered people is more important than ever in these times when we must step up and help guide the world back into harmony. It is essential to your health, growth and empowerment! When you take the time to sit in circle with others–sharing, getting real and exploring new ways of being–it is a gift to the earth, as well as to yourself and the community. By opening your heart to receive and express, you will strengthen the connection to your inner truth and build the power to pursue your desires. Your capacity to be present and hold non-judgmental, loving space for others will also grow.

Each New Moon Circle is themed to reflect the astrological sign in which the new moon occurs. 
 You are welcome to join the circle however you find yourself–-whether you are bursting with joy, grieving, overwhelmed, or any number of other feelings. Come experience the power of coming together, diving deep, and uncovering the truth of our hearts and intuition. New Moon Circles are open to all who wish to support their feminine energy.

The circle is part of the Wild Woman Project, which hosts circles worldwide.

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Tune into Your Chakras & Dive Deep Yoga Nidra

These interactive workshops are for anyone who wants to consciously create positive, sustainable change in their life. You do not need yoga experience for these workshops but we will connect specific yoga poses with chakras in the first workshop.  

Tune In to Your Chakras  This workshop will transform not only how you see the world; but also how you create and live in the world.  Balance your chakras and tap into the healing wisdom of your body. Imbalance and disease is initially apparent in the subtle energy centers of your body.  In this program you willlearn the properties of the main chakras and how they impact your physical and emotional bodies.  Learn and experience energy techniques to ground and shift the energy in your daily life.  

Sunday September 15th, please pre-register

Tune Into Your Chakras 9:00 a.m to12:00 p.m $45 when you pre-register.

Deep Dive Yoga Nidra 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. $45 when you pre-register.

Both Workshops $70 when you pre-register

  • Learn how to bring peace and clarity to your mind through chakra balancing.

  • Optimize your health and effortlessly open the energy channels in your body.

  • Discover which yoga poses help open specific chakras.

Deep Dive Yoga Nidra.  During the workshop you will enjoy several Yoga Nidra experiences (with live hammered dulcimer music); and you will gain an understanding of the techniques, processes and science of Yoga Nidra so that you can have a deeper experience and share with friends and family. Ordinary relaxation techniques aim to release symptoms that appear on the surface as effects.  In Yoga Nidra you dismantle your pre-programmed past and actualize intentions.  

  • Enter the deepest level of relaxation where you can eliminate stress, induce restful sleep, prevent premature aging and increase resistance to disease.

  • Learn the Yoga Nidra 4-step process of internalizing awareness, induction to open energy channels, integration with intention and affirmation and returning to the body.

  • Discover how "Micro-Nidra" can be used for immediate relaxation and improve your yoga practice.

Bill Eager – Yoga Teacher and Healer

Bill is the author of 10 books including THRIVE INSIDE: Transformative Secrets of Spiritual Masters, Gurus and Shamans.  Bill is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and a Reiki healer. 

Laurie Nelson - Musician

Laurie Nelson has spent more than a decade playing the hammered dulcimer. She performs live for small groups at festivals and yoga events.

You can choose to attend either of the workshop individually or spend the whole day exploring the subtle body by attending both workshops.