Upcoming Workshops + Events


Friday, April 19


5:30-8:30 p.m.

Cost: $18

Qoya: Women’s Mindful Movement & Full Moon Ritual

Join us for Qoya on Friday April 19–the night of the Full Pink Moon–to dance with the energy of breaking free! Full moon time allows us to shine a clear light on our lives, illuminating what no longer serves us. It is an excellent time to free ourselves from the beliefs, thoughts and patterns of behavior that hold us back from living the lives we truly want. Then, just like the pink phlox flower for which the moon was named, we can bloom with wild abandon!

After our dance, weather permitting, we will walk to a nearby park to commune with the moon through ritual and enjoy potluck treats (please bring something to share).

Qoya is a moving meditation—an opportunity to embody your spirit through movement. It is a place to practice letting go of the mental narrative and take some time to feel deeply into your embodied truth. Qoya helps us remember that our essence is wise, wild and free. It also offers us an opportunity to connect with a supportive circle of women.

The best thing about Qoya is that there is no way to do it wrong! Check it out at www.qoya.love.


Sunday, May 5, 4:00-6:00pm
Cost: $35 early bird $40 at the door

Yoga Nidra with Live Hammered Dulcimer Music

In this energetic, 2 hour workshop you learn about specific techniques to create intentions that work at the subconsious level. Experience Yoga Nidra that combines the talents of certified yoga teacher Bill Eager and the ethereal sounds of dulcimer music by musician Laurie Nelson. This beautiful combination of energy, awareness and music creates a profound shift that connects you energetically with your intentions.

Yoga Nidra creates a state of deep relaxation where your body heals naturally as your energy channels open.  During Yoga Nidra your brain moves into the Alpha state where you release large amounts of trapped energy held hostage in the form of physical, mental and emotional blockages.  Your entire body begins to rejuvenate.  Your energy flows freely, without, physical or psychological constriction and your body realizes a state of physiological harmony where you can realize specific intentions for your health and relationships.  You will learn how to create intentions that are immediately accepted at the deepest level of your being. You will leave this short workshop feeling refreshed and alive!

About the Presenters - Bill Eager is the author THRIVE INSIDE: Transformative Secrets of Spiritual Masters, Gurus and Shamans.  Bill is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Reiki healer.  Laurie Nelson has spent more than a decade playing the hammered dulcimer. She performs live for small groups at festivals and yoga events.


Tuesdays, 6:30pm

Cost: $12

Yoga off the Mat: a spiritual and philosophy discussion group

Ever wonder yow you can bring back that vacation bliss with you into your daily life? Or wonder what the secret to happiness is even amongst chaos? What if you could cultivate the feeling of bliss and realization right her, right now ?  The yoga sutras are a guide, a map to that place deep inside of us teaching us how to achieve this state of Be-ing in our every day life.  Using Mantra and breath, we will learn how to, and practice, connecting to our Divine Self. Group discussion and philosophy talks with follow our practice so that in a supportive group we can not only connect to our  higher Selves, but to each other as we work to grow spiritually, taking our practice  off the mat and into our every day lives, where it really matters. This is a non-movement class.

Facilitated by Niki Sims. Niki is trained in the Shambhava Yoga tradition and has studied various healing arts since she was a young child.

No experience necessary, only a deep wish to grow. If you have one, bring a preferred method of sitting. Chairs/bolsters will be provided upon request. Please feel free to bring a light snack and/or drink.